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I was very comfort in using the car from Apple Cars

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Rent a Car in Trivandrum  Blogs

I am sharing a few words of experience which hurtled my life and finally tackled with happiness.

I am Hari from Trivandrum, working in a government office even though it was tedious to drive car in city in office hours i used to go office in car. One evening after returning from office unexpectly my car was in trouble to start i was too confused what to do as i have to attend a meeting  some long distance next day .

One of my friend suggested of cars rental services, he gave me the contact number of many  travels  and i searched many in google too, lot of difficulties i faced too in this.

            Contacted many travel agencies no one was ready to help as it was late evening many agencies told that if it was little bit earlier they could have helped us. At last even though it was late night when i have contacted the apple cars, they told they have many rentals Cars as of our choice, with or without drivers, but as i preferred Self Drive Car Honda City, when i asked them of Honda City, even though almost all cars are gone for drive, they told will call me with in an hour.  They arranged and gave me the car in the next morning it was a good experience in that situation and I was very comfort in using the car from Apple Cars. Really that helped me to tackle the critical situation in the late night.

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on 23 Dec 2021, 11:14