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Wedding Car

Wedding Car


Let me put a few words of experience which hurtled my life and finally ends with joyful.

My mind was disturbed like anything for the last 2 week. My only son whose marriage was fixed with a very high aristocratic family. Though I belongs to a medium level person,  he got such a alliance by virtue of his reputed job. He is working as a senior software professional at UK.   The brides party looked only his profession. But as marriage day approaches my mind was shivering as I could not stand on par with their status.  As their custom I have to invite the brides parties close to relatives at their residence.  They give me a list of relatives to be invited. It should be one week before marriage.

God is there always in life.  I happened to come across a WhatsApp message for rent a car.  I was really thrilled  by going through the message. They will give on rent basis cars like BMW, Benz, Jaguar and other models for all ranges.  I noticed the address for communication as Apple Car Rental Service, Trivandrum.  I phoned immediately and booked 2 BMW for 10 days.


I started going to invite the brides relatives with that and throughout the marriage day the car is ready for commutators. Everyday on both sides of party where appreciated my hectic arrangements and I could stand majestically with the luxury car.

God turned my mind to a different world.

Thank God